T3025-Wire to wire/wire to board connectors-Product-Dongguan Hongru Connectors Co., Ltd|HRB connector | HRB header | HRB IDC | HRB tool| HRB terminal| rast 2.5|Rast 2.5 connector|connector

3.00mm pitch crimp female terminal, phosphor bronze,tin plated over nickel for P3025


 Details (PDF)

Used in: P3025-1xN-B-H, P3025-2xN-B-H, P3025-2xN-B-H(A)

Mate with: T3020

Designation Poles PU Number Inquiry CAD files
T3025PS-2 10000
T3025PS-2B 10000
T3025PS-2SB 10000
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