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HRB offers a wide variety of wire-to-board and wire-to-wire connector solutions that fit applications requiring high-power solutions or miniature options.
HRB Connectors

Wire to wire/wire to board connectors
1.25mm pitch connectors
1.25mm pitch connectors, Wire to wire , wire to board, SMT or DIP, for low current or signal system.
2.0 mm pitch connectors

Very thin wire to wire connectors, Max thickness 3.0mm, contact pitch 2.0mm, for signal and low load currents up to 2A. 2 to 15 circuits

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3.0 mm pitch connectors
3.0 connectors are a 3.00mm pitch high-density, low-power connector system available in wire-to-wire and wire-to-board configurations with SMT and through-hole options and up to 5.0A to meet low- to mid-range power application needs. 2 to 24 circuits
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0.062 diameter pin and socket 3.68 mm pitch
3.68mm pitch  connectors performance characteristics are based on free hanging connectors, loaded with contacts crimped on standard wires. For signal and load currents up to 7 A.
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4.14 mm pitch connector
The Connector performance characteristics are based on free hanging and panel mount connectors, loaded with contacts crimped on stranded wire. For signal and load currents up to 7A, pitch 4.14 mm.
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4.2 mm pitch connectors

Fully isolated terminals, positive locking housings, low-engagement forces and polarized housings., also offers blind mating, TPA and higher current options. Pitch 4.20mm

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6.35 mm pitch connectors
The  Series is interchangeable, intermateable and intermountable with industry standard products. This allows greater flexibility in mating with existing wire harnesses, connectors or PCB headers.Pitch 6.35mm.
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10.0 mm pitch connectors

Connector is High-power connector, it is capable of handling up to 48A on a 2-circuit housing with an 8 AWG wire.For use in wire-to-wire and wire-to-board applications.This high current system is finding use in applications ranging from computer work stations to power supplies to industrial equipment.

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